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I’m sure you’ve heard that to open a UK high-street bank account you’ll need an address, but to get an address you need proof of funds, and to be rolling in any dough you need a job and then all of a sudden we’re back at needing a bank account again.

So, how in the world can you get started with a UK bank account (even before touching town in London)?!

Monzo introduced us to the game changing hot coral bank card. So what is it and how do you get one? Monzo has revolutionised the banking game in the UK. You no longer have to jump through a million and one hurdles, sell a limb, and lock down an address in the UK just to get a bank account.

In a few simple steps, your super trendy bank card will arrive and you’ll have access to the Monzo app.


How to get started:


1. Download the app from the app store here

2. Pop in your email address and follow the sign up prompts

3. Film a quick selfie video to prove you are who you say you are

4. You’re in! 🙌

5. Wait for your card to arrive and start banking the way 4 million others are across the UK and the world!


There’s no denying how easy it is to set up a Monzo account – but on top of that, you’ve also got some sweet perks! We know it’s hard to keep us Aussies grounded and you’ll find us ducking off to Nice over a weekend, or Split in the peak of summer – so how will your UK bank card work abroad?

When travelling abroad with Monzo there’s really no dramas. With free ATM withdrawals throughout the EEA (most areas in Europe) and zero charges for using your card abroad, the only problem you’re sure to encounter is blowing all your moolah within the first few days of your trip 💸

BUT, on the off chance you do get stuck in a pickle, their in-app chat support and international number is available 24/7.



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