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Dingo Recruitment helps Australians and New Zealanders find work in London.

Moving to London is an exciting prospect filled with endless opportunity for personal growth and adventure. But sometimes even the most qualified and experienced people can find it hard to find the right job contacts, and get settled in this ultra-competitive city based purely down to one thing – a lack of network.

That’s where we come in. We have a deep network of people in London and heaps of great employers who love the work ethic and attitude from Australians and New Zealanders.

Some of the benefits of finding work through us is the flexibility:

so you can go off and travel the continent and have plenty of time to enjoy your stay in London. Sometimes, when you’re in a permanent job, you are restricted with your holiday leave. We can ensure you have full time hours, when you want, but also unlimited unpaid holidays so you can travel whenever you want, and work whenever you want.

Further benefits include weekly pay, a great community of workers who regularly socialise together, and jobs that will take you all over London, the UK and Europe.

We also love coming out to meet new workers, especially if they are fresh off the boat, to have a coffee with them and talk about all the options we have available, even if this means a temporary career change in a completely different field. Why not? You’ve moved all the way across from the other side of the world – it’s a great time to try your hand at something different.

Lastly, our support doesn’t just stop with work. If you need a bit of advice about bank accounts, getting a share-house, transferring your dollars into ££, or just other general stuff like the best pubs in London, or trusted clothes stores to get your winter jacket, do let us know as we have been lending this free advice to Aussies and Kiwis for the past 10 years.

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Whether you are looking for staff or a job in London, Dingo Recruitment are here to help!

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We are always looking for enthusiastic, passionate and hard working go-getters to join the Dingo pack.

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We are a boutique recruitment agency serving the removals, sales, trades and general labour sectors.

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Need general help and advice? Reach out to a member of our team today. We're here to help.

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