What makes a great nanny?

  1. Experience – we find a lot of our client’s value experience over qualifications when it comes to childcare! There is a lot that is learnt on the job and through experience that is built up over years with this extremely hands on, practical job. We get thorough references from these past roles and families are always welcome to chat to them too.
  2. Qualifications – that being said, we do love our candidates who are so passionate about childcare that they have applied themselves to studying and gained a degree. This really brings an extra layer of understanding and skill, especially when it comes to child development, education and milestones. There are lots of other areas that don’t require a degree level education that our candidates complete as well, topics such as sleep training, weaning, home based skills, cooking classes and play work to name a few.
  3. Flexibility – a nanny is joining your family to care for your children when you are not there and to provide some flexibility and freedom in your weekly schedule that sometimes isn’t possible with school and some nurseries. An understanding nanny and family relationship can work beautifully where there is a bit of give and take and you help each other out on the busy days!
  4. Communication – an obvious one but something that can often get forgotten when busy lives take over! We place a big importance on assessing our candidate’s communication skills and making sure they are up to the task. We suggest lots of ways for communicating and provide tools like a nanny diary which can be helpful, depending on how you want to keep up to date about the children day to day.
  5. Passion for childcare! We love meeting our candidates and from our time in the industry we can quickly spot those with a pure passion for children. It shows through in the interviews with us and then with the families. This can be the real cherry on top when families are considering who to hire in such a personal role. We believe it brings a whole other level of care and dedication to the role and children.
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