What Makes a Good Removals Worker?

There are so many things that make a good removals worker other than just brute strength. I have worked in removals for numerous companies across London as a Dingo, and now I work for Dingo in the office to source, train, and supply removals workers to these companies. I know the skills, experience and general ability of a good removals worker can often be underestimated until you try and pack, wrap and move house yourself!

Here are a few of the skills and attributes I believe make a good removal worker:

Attitude –  I could tell within 30 seconds of meeting someone before a job if they wanted to be there or not. If they are glued to their phone, not making eye contact with anyone and clearly not dressed for the occasion, this can often lead to problems on the shift. And if I spot this bad attitude, then the customer will most likely be able to as well. But when guys show up with a smile on their face, firm handshake and not looking like they have slept the night on the pub floor, then everyone is in for a good day.

Customer Service – A good removalist knows how to go the extra mile for a client. They understand that moving is one of the most stressful things people can do. Because of this they understand that speed, competence, and punctuality are required on each and every move – there is nothing that stresses out a client more than when the removal crew shows up late.

Fitness/Strength – The strongest weightlifter would struggle to make it up multiple flights of stairs, and the fittest long-distance runner would struggle to lift a garden statue onto the back of the truck. A good removalist is a perfect balance between these two extremes. Not only that, you don’t always need massive muscles if you know how to lift correctly.

Reliability – Nothing pisses off a removal operations manager more than receiving a text at 6.30 am saying: “sorry mate, I can’t make it in today”. Reliability and showing up to work are absolutely crucial. This is why we have a really flexible scheduling system where our removal workers don’t have to work five days a week if they do not want to. They can just pick and choose the days they want to work, and most importantly, know they can work. As we don’t rely on our workers to work with us every single day, we find we have a lot fewer no-shows than companies who have their own internal staff getting burnt out from constant manual labour. One less worker on the day means 10x more work for the rest of the crew on the job that day.

Technical Skills – Wrapping breakables and expensive items such as plasma TVs, packing boxes to the correct weight, packing Luton Vans to the ceiling and using up all their available space, dismantling king-size beds, and assembling wardrobes is an everyday occurrence in removals. These are skills that are that can prevent a lot of nasty emails from clients post their move. Having knowledge of these things can also really speed up a move, putting a smile on everyone’s faces.

Communication – Removals workers do not need to be academic linguists, but they do need to know how to communicate and read the play. Communicating with their teammates, the foreman, the ops managers in the office, the concierge in the apartment block, parking wardens, and of course regularly asking the customer if they are ok with how it’s all going. There are a lot of moving parts during a day in removals and frequent, clear communication is the oil that makes these run smoothly.

Presentation –If a removals worker rocks up are wearing a hoodie and jeans they will look like someone off the street who has randomly walked into the house. Other little things like having fresh breath, no nasty body odour, and not smoking or swearing in front of the customer are all things that make a polished, good removals worker.

Common Sense – We could go on all day about the importance of common sense, and it deserves it’s own blog, but out of everything, this may be the most important attribute of a good removals worker. We know what common sense looks and sounds like, and we recruit based on this first and foremost.

Empathy – As I said earlier, removals can be one of the most stressful experiences a person can have. Whether our client’s customer is moving down the road or across the country, they are still packing their whole life into boxes. We are also aware that some people are moving because of death, divorce or financial problems, and awareness and sensitivity of this is needed.


Keep an eye out for more blogs as I elaborate on the skills and attributes of removals workers that we hold important here at Dingo Recruitment. If you would like to book our experienced porters, packers, and drivers to support your removal company, please get in touch with me here: requests@dingorecruitment.com

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