Commuting around London

Commuting around London, what is the best way?

When travelling around London, there are various tools you can use to help you not get lost. We recommend an app called Citymapper which is very user friendly and extremely accurate.

Busses would be the most cost effective way of travelling (apart from walking or cycling of course) with each bus journey costing £1.50 per trip. If you use multiple busses in one hour, you only and using multiple buses you only need to pay for 1 trip.

Whilst using the underground (tube) can be a daunting task for first time users, it is by the far the quickest way to travel. It is made cheaper if you purchase an Oyster card. Tube maps are available in hardcopy for free

Please see below London Underground fares for 2019 so you can get an idea of cost.

However, our recommendation is to get yourself a bike. It will get stolen, but it’s still the best way to get around town.

London Underground Fares 2019

More information on Oyster Card

More Information on Contactless Card

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