Travelling In London

Travelling London, what the best way?

When navigating through the underground in London, there is only one solution and that is using an app. You can use google maps which is okay, however CITYMAPPER is what we would recommend it seems to give you the best route and will also display many alternatives with the prices associated.

Whilst using the underground can be a daunting task for us newbies, it is by the far the most cost effective and quickest way to travel. Being stuck in peak hour traffic in London is truly something else. You have two main options either the traditional oyster card which is similar to Myki in Melbourne, it is pretty much a plastic card that allows you to top up at certain locations a prepaid amount or online. The alternative is using a contactless card which we highly recommended. The contactless provides a weekly cap whilst the oyster card only caps daily so it can become quite hefty if your using it a lot.

Some other nice hits and tips include buses cost 1.50 per trip and using multiple buses you only need to pay for 1 within the hour and the cards will cap at three per day. The underground is much cheaper off peak, peak single fares will apply if you touch in between 06:30-09:30 or 16:00-19:00 Monday to Friday.

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