Social Work Training

We provide Free Social Work Training for all of our Social Workers

As we are a company that is managed by qualified and experienced social workers, we believe it is important that our workers receive ongoing and free trading to prepare them for the challenges of the job. This training is offered to staff before, during and after they are placed with an employer, and it will be offered to them for as long as they want it. 

UK Child Protection: An exploration of its history and culture

In this half day work shop we go over some serious case reviews, inlcuding the tragic UK child protection cases of Baby Peter Connolly and Victoria Climbie. We examine the failings made by social worker and other professionals, the role the state, politicians and media. 

Court Skills

No matter which country you previously practiced, the British court system will have it's general similarities, but also some differences. In this full day workshop we go over the kind of court work you will do as a social worker in the UK. This also includes a mock court cross-examining which is not the most pleasant experience a social worker can find themselves in. 

Dealing with disguised compliance

The latest research sheds more light on disguised compliance as a major challenge for social workers to get to the bottom of the issues. Often parents / service users will be agreeable and disguise their cooperation to get Social Workers off their backs, and out of their homes where the danger often is. This workshop explores some key warning signs of disguised compliance, and ways of dealing with it. 

Analysis in Social Work Assessments

Most Social Workers who come to the UK work in child proteciton and spend a lot of their working hours assessing risk. In this half day workshop, we discuss "How to get to the point "whilst being evidenced based and child focused in your written assessments. We also look at the importance of using chronologies and case notes to record and reflect the child's journey. 

Dealing with violent and aggressive service users

Social workers are often faced with challenging perpetrators of domestic violence in order to safeguard children and bring about change. In this workshop we give Social Workers the tools needed to challenge in an assertive but non-threatenting manner, that both fully addresses the issues, whilst protecting yourself as a worker in unfamiliar and sometimes unsafe situations.