Saying goodbye to your nanny!

Aside from the formalities of P45’s and notice periods and working out your end date, it is nice to let your nanny know how much you have appreciated them when the day comes for them to leave your family. It is such a personal role and may even be quite an emotional goodbye for you and your children who have spent plenty of time with the nanny and undoubtedly formed a close bond.
Even the smallest gesture will mean the world to your nanny, a card signed or even made by the children, planting a tree together in the garden, something small to remember you by or even some photos of their time with your family.
Some of our clients in the past have given their nanny a leaving gift, a bonus with their last pay, taken them out for a meal to say goodbye as a family or even had a nice breakfast ready for them on their last day.
Beyond their last day, if all ended well and you had a good relationship with the nanny that you wish to maintain, it is nice to still have catch ups. Many families still invite them to the children’s birthday parties or have video calls if they have moved away so the children can chat with them and let them know what they have been up to. Nannies often pride themselves on still having a relationship long after they leave the families they have worked for. They will no doubt be thrilled to hear from you, receive update emails/messages or letters and photos from the children if that is something they want to do.
Studies have shown that children under the age of 3 don’t have much difficulty with the transition of new people in and out of their life. A nanny leaving would not affect them that much and, in most cases, it will be a natural taper. After 3 years old it does get a bit trickier, and the child(ren) will likely be a lot more attached. It is good to explain that it is ok to miss their nanny and talk about it and (hopefully things ended on good terms) that they can see them from time to time, either in person or over a video call to catch up.
Good luck and remember we are always here to chat over any situations throughout your nanny’s employment, beginning to end!

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