Navigating London’s Underground

Did you know that there are 270 underground tube stations in London?!

For this reason (and many others) it’s understandable that navigating your way throughout London can feel a little overwhelming. We’ve all gotten lost more times than we’re willing to admit, but that’s half of the fun! You’ve just touched down from Melbourne, Sydney, maybe Perth, or Adelaide, and you’re thinking ‘how in the world do I get to my hostel?’ (we’ve been there!).

So this, is a glimpse of London’s underground – or what the locals call ‘the tube’.


If you’re anywhere smack-bang in the middle of this maze, save your dosh and get your legs moving – these stops are all within walking distance of one another, and there’s prettier sights to see out there than the ones you’ll see in the depths of the underground. Check out some street performers in Leicester Square, take a trip down China Town, or simply embrace the culture that inner-city London has to offer.

Top tube travelling tips:


  • Avoid travelling during peak hour at all costs. You are guaranteed to lose the plot, very quickly.
  • Don’t use the tube in Central London!
  • Let everyone off before jumping on (essential).
  • Stand to the right and walk to the left – time to start adjusting, it’s opposite to back home, so make sure you pick this up quickly or you’ll have a few angry commuters breathing down your neck.
  • Buy an Oyster card or use your UK debit card for touching on and off.


There’s no doubt that the tube can be one of the worst places to be (think Summer time 😳), but we’re also super lucky to have such a good and easy-to-navigate public transport system! With 11 key lines to get around the city and outer-London, you’ll never get stuck finding a way to your end destination.

Suss out the latest travel updates, must knows, and fare prices on TFL’s website and download CityMapper to help navigate around this bustling city!


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