Must knows for moving to London!

So you’ve decided to pack up shop and make the move to London?


Just like us other Aussies expats, we’ve learnt that there’s a long list of must-dos that are essential to making your life work on the other side of the world!

Where do you begin? You’re set on hopping abroad and you’ve broken the news to family and friends, so what now? It’s time to sort out your VISA – an absolute non-negotiable (don’t forget this step, unless you’re one of the lucky ones with a UK passport).

There’s a chunky fee, documentation involved, plus a face to face meeting, but once this is out of the way, you’re a huge step closer to your London dreams becoming a reality. Kickstart the process here and get that ball rolling.

Some kind of financial support is an absolute must from this point out! Start saving those dollars and cut back on your weekly outings or coffee runs to prepare your bank account for your big move. Trust me, the 4 or so dollars that you spend on a coffee each day will add up and London is notoriously expensive, so brace yourself. If you’re like me and love a spreadsheet (or ten), start mapping out your incoming and outgoing spending up until the big day arrives. You’d be surprised how many last minute things you need to buy!

We can’t forget the flight – this is the step that will cement your entire plan and make everything feel 100 times more real. Score the best deal on one way tickets to London by searching the web. We often find ourselves on SkyScanner to locate the best price (you’ll use the heck out of this when you touch down in London too!). If you’re not super keen on booking this yourself, there’s an abundance of travel agents in Aus that would be more than happy to get this sorted for you too.

Keeping it brief – they’re the major steps, the things that need actioning to get your London plan underway. But, there’s a few other things you should consider/make happen in the lead up:

  • Pop together a folder of all your important documents (scanned copies)
  • Make sure your passport is valid and with plenty of life on it

Go on then, get planning – we can’t wait to see you when you touch down in London! ✈️


Daniel Jarosz

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