Monzo Banking

Want to set up a bank account, with zero exchange fees?

Monzo is a fully authorised digital bank which is much simpler to set up and will save you a lot of money from not paying exchange fees, that you’d normally pay using your Aussie or Kiwi card. It is also very quick and easier to set up than a traditional bank.

You can easily set it up by downloading the application, from where you can see all you spend. Another handy thing is that these will be separated into categories, so you can see if you are spending too much on nights out more easily.

Any payments and cash withdraws you make in the UK have no fees. If you are abroad you can withdraw up to £200/month for free, after this there is a 3% fee. But you can still make payments in shops for free when abroad. This is perfect if you decide on a short holiday in Amsterdam or Paris.

Simply transfer money onto it using you Aussie or Kiwi card and it can convert it to any currency!

Monzo is completely safe to use, and many of our current workers are avid fans.

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