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Dingo Recruitment specialise in placing antipodean nannies with families in the UK. We can help with a whole range of requirements, whether you need a live-in full-time nanny or a live out nanny to help after school, we have got you covered! Australian and New Zealand candidates make great nannies! They have been doing so for many years with their 'can-do' attitude and skills from childcare professions back home.

Dingo Recruitment take the stress out of nanny searching by completing thorough and detailed vetting and screening of the candidates for you!

You will receive references that are completed by a third party who specialise in vetting (XREF) to get the most reliable and valid references. Of course, you will also be able to take up your own checks with the referees, in fact we encourage it!

We make sure that all our candidates have a police check from their country of origin and a paediatric first aid. Once you find your perfect nanny, we will send everything through to you including their personal documents, so it is all in one convenient place for you and taken care of!

This is all part of what we offer in our one-off placement fee should you find a suitable candidate through us. Please get in touch if you would like to discuss your childcare needs, or even just get some advice, with one of our friendly Dingo consultants.

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Types of Nannies


Live In

Live in nannies, as the name suggests, live with the family and usually work Monday – Friday and are available for two nights babysitting.

Live in nannies are a great option for families who want a bit more flexibility and we have candidates looking to care for all age groups in these types of roles. Live in roles are also great for candidates who prefer more of a personal family environment.

Live in nannies can range from junior candidates up to qualified teachers and early childhood educators. Live in nannies also tend to babysit 1-2 nights per week Monday – Thursday which can be extremely helpful for busy families who have late work commitments or busy evenings.

Live in nanny salaries can range from £300 - £700 GPW.

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Temporary nannies are an excellent solution to families needing short-term cover and are usually live out unless the role requires living in.

If you are needing short-term temporary cover we can also help! Any roles up to three months are considered short term and can be a great solution if your permanent nanny is going on holiday or you are having a busy period at work. Get in touch with our friendly team to discuss your requirements and see what candidates we have in your area.

Temporary nannies charge between £12 - £15 net per hour and we can provide gross figures once we know the days and hours of your role.

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Daily/Live out

Daily nannies are often already set up in London or going flatting and come to the family each day and work up to 10 hours per day.

Daily nannies are often the more experienced candidates and come to your house for the days and hours you require. This can range anywhere from 1-5 days per week and can include babysitting as well if needed.

Daily nanny salaries are usually based on an hourly rate and range from £13 - £20 gross per hour depending on the rate and hours you offer.

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Family Assistant

Family Assistants and After School nannies are live out nannies who work less hours in the term time and full time in the school holidays.

A family assistant/after school nanny is a great option for families with school aged children who only need school pick up and afternoon care in the term time and then full-time hours in the school holidays. These roles can also include duties for the family/household to keep the week running smoothly.

Family assistant/after school nanny salaries start from £500 GPW. We work out an evened out salary accross the year, please ask your consultant for more information.

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International nannies are our most experienced candidates who are looking for opportunities outside of the UK and their home countries.

Dingo Recruitment place nannies overseas/outside of the UK as well! If you are looking for an antipodean nanny, we can help! Get in touch and have a chat with one of our consultants to go over your requirements and location.

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Au Pair

Au pairs are a great solution for families with preschool aged children and older who need an extra pair of hands around the house!

Au pairs are not considered employees in the UK and in return for their hours, they will live in your home in a private bedroom separate to the rest of the family, have all their main meals provided Monday - Sunday, have time to take classes or learn English and earn 'pocket money' usually between £80 - £150 per week. They are not permitted to work with children under the age of two and will have little to no childcare experience and are available to work for you up to 30 hours per week. Many families hire an au pair for the excellent cultural element they bring to their home, with many children learning a second language from them by the end of their stay!

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