We have helped numerous qualified Electricians from New Zealand, Australia, and elsewhere find work in London.

Our clients have great respect for the skills and experience Dingo Electricians bring to site, and are treated with great respect and paid well for their time.

We have a combination of Domestic, Commercial, and Industrial Electrical jobs on offer all over London. Most of our jobs you will get a company vehicle to use for work and get to take home.

Electricians can expect anything from £140 + per day as contractors, and we also have plenty of permanent jobs going as well where you will be on a full-time salary.

If you're coming to London from overseas, all we recommend you bring is your tool belt, basic hand tools, and your work boots. Everything else can be sorted out in the UK.

Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS) cards are often required for jobs we have, and we have several providers that specialize in sorting out your CSCS card. This will cost about £140 to get and this includes a seminar and a test you have to sit in order for you to get your CSCS card. You pay this directly to the provider.

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