How do I pay my nanny?

You have decided on a candidate and made a job offer – what next!

The candidates we work with are not self-employed so you will be their employer. If this is the first time you have employed someone, we are here to help you out and make sure you have all the tools and contacts you need.

We work closely with a nanny payroll company who can get everything set up from start to finish. They are always on hand to answer any questions throughout your time with your nanny as well which is a great support alongside us.

They will be able to help with bespoke contracts, registering you as an employer with HMRC, pensions, employer’s liability insurance, payslips for your nanny, payroll, maternity pay if required and P45/P60’s. You can also decide what level of service you want with payroll, weekly, fortnightly, or monthly paydays, as well as letting you know what amounts you need to pay or take it off your hands completely and pay your nanny for you.

We have also worked with clients who are already employers, whether that be through businesses they own or other household staff, so can of course pay your nanny through your existing set up.

If you have any questions or concerns about becoming an employer, please do get in touch, we are happy to chat and offer free advice.

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