How can you be spending this time wisely while you wait to move?

For so many people their life has been put on hold. If you were just about to travel to London, or were kickstarting your job search in the UK before covid19 struck, then for you especially, it can feel like a build up to then be told you have to wait even longer. It doesn’t matter if moving to London from Australia and New Zealand was a permanent dream, or a temporary adventure so you can fund your travels; it is still going to happen!

The big question is, how are you currently spending your time?


“It may be counterintuitive but unwanted and unwelcomed experiences often lead to positive outcomes.” There is no need to deviate from your plan, timelines have only been shifted. Take a step back and think, “What do I want to do when I get to London?” You may find asking yourself this question now, will give a different result than it did before covid-19.

Any experience and knowledge gathered is worthwhile. You may have a long-term plan for after your travels or surprisingly find London is the place you want to stay, so why not come prepared!

There is no shortage of online courses, that can make time fly faster till you are looking out that plane window and on your way to London. The three below come highly recommended from around the globe and can be completed anywhere, at any time. From trade professions to administration, technology and financial services, you can invest your time wisely. It doesn’t matter if you are a growing expert in your field or little to no experience at all.

  • Sales and administrative courses that can help you before your interview, during and once you have landed the job.
  • Hubspot is used by companies and professionals around the world and has up to date free courses surrounding new systems, work procedures and how to make your CV more attractive
  • Open Study College is brilliant if you want to invest more time into your working mindset. Stretched across multiple sectors from trade to professional services, you can ensure you have an arsenal of knowledge for a short or long term stay in London.

Let’s have a chat! Without a timeline to work to, it can be hard to remain focused on your move. With covid-19 as a factor to consider now, it may have many Australians and New Zealanders wondering what their next step can be. Dingo Recruitment has personal experience relocating to the UK and has successfully placed a huge percentage of our network in their temporary or permanent roles. London is so excited to welcome you and it is never too early to get an action plan in place and make sure you expand your network. Dingo Recruitment is here for you now and when you are able to move.

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