Hiring your first nanny

Hiring your first nanny – advice from an experienced nanny recruiter.

When it comes to hiring a nanny, we know that it can be a daunting task. You are looking for someone to care for and protect the most important thing in your life the same way you do.

Using an agency is a great way to eliminate the hassle of spending time on things like screening, visa checks, qualifications and payroll. Let us take care of that and you can concentrate on the more personal things that are going to help you find a great, lasting match for your family.

We know it is important for your family and your children that you find someone who makes the transition as seamless as possible, as it can be a big change for children. If you are looking for a permanent nanny, the goal is obviously to only have to do it once!

Finding someone to take over seamlessly means they will hold similar values to you as a family and will be on board with the way you care for your children. We are always striving to find these talented individuals who can maintain the home environment as similarly as possible between ‘parent-time’ and ‘nanny-time’.

It is a good idea to talk over these areas extensively when registering your role with your recruitment consultant so that they know what to look for and then at the interview stage with prospective nannies. This is such a personal role, personality and values are two major factors!

FAMILY VALUES. Are they similar to you in enough ways for you to be happy with them guiding your children when you aren’t there? What values do you want them to encourage in your children? Are you religious/do you require your nanny to be a certain religion or incorporate religion into the children’s day in any ways?

PERSONALITY. What is super important to you and the stage(s)/age(s) that your child(ren) is/are at? Would you prefer a loving caring nanny over everything else? How assertive would you like your nanny to be with your children? Does the candidate seem trustworthy and open? Are you wanting someone who is warm and affectionate with your children/are hugs allowed? Does the candidate demonstrate common sense/initiative to a degree that you could trust them to make day to day decisions on your behalf and in line with what you would do yourself?

NUTRITION AND COOKING SKILLS. Any dietary requirements for your children or health concerns that you need your nanny to be on board with?

DISCIPLINE. Are they happy to follow your preferences or for first time parents, are you going to be looking to your nanny for advice?

PASSION. Why they are passionate about childcare? What is their approach like? For young ones are you doing things like baby led weaning and toilet training or would you like a nanny who is proactive with these stages? It is a good sign if the candidate is also asking questions and trying to get a good understanding of your family and your children. If you choose to include your children in the interview (or a second interview or trial) you can tell a lot from how they interact. You know your children best and when they are comfortable and happy! Children are also going to give honest feedback on what they think too!

COMMITMENT. Gauging the Nanny’s commitment to your family and your child’s development. Is this something they seem genuinely interested in? Do you get the sense that they are excited to see children reach milestones and celebrate these achievements with you and your child(ren)? Do they speak fondly of past childcare roles and how they were able to assist?

UPDATES AND COMMUNICATION. How regularly you would like to be updated each day/week and what you would like to be updated on? Do you want your nanny to send pictures throughout the day? Do you want to know what they have been up to, what they have eaten today? Or would you like to just catch up at the end of the day/week? Would you like your nanny to keep a diary?

It is a good idea to write notes in or just after an interview as well. If you have multiple interviews in one day it can be hard to keep track and notes will be great to refer back on when you are planning how to progress.

Good luck with your interviews and remember your Dingo Recruitment consultant is always there for you to chat over interviews with and be a sounding board throughout your search!

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