Five tips to be a great au pair!

Top tips:

1. Eager! The family will love to see you energetic and putting in effort with their family, helping them and learning from them. Spending time with the family is a great way for you to both learn about each other and your cultures. If you work hard for them, they will work hard for you as well. The family value your time and efforts and will be very grateful for taking care of the most important little people in their lives!

2. Experience – Any childcare experience big or small prior to applying will help you land a great host family who know how valuable childcare experience is. Whether it is some casual babysitting, coaching or working at an after school/holiday club, get involved and include it in your application including what ages you worked with.

3. Manners – You are going to be living with your host family and become part of their household. Manners are super important for living together respectfully and also to always be an example to the children. Their home will become your home and you need to feel comfortable there, but manners don’t cost anything!

4. Communication – This is important all the way through from interviewing with prospective families right through to when you are working for the host family you end up with. At the beginning it is important to be really clear about expectations, duties, what you are both looking to get out of the experience. During your role as an au pair you need to maintain excellent communication with the family about the children, day to day updates, hours and what each of you need from each other.

5. Experience – make sure you enjoy your time in the UK! Get out and about in your time off and explore, take weekend trips to explore other areas of the UK and get involved with our agency social scene. It is great to network with other people and make new friends, especially as this is a role where you aren’t normally working with other people during the day.

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