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What Makes a Good Removals Worker?

There are so many things that make a good removals worker other than just brute strength. I have worked in removals for numerous companies across London as a Dingo, and now I work for Dingo in the office to source, train, and supply removals workers to these companies. I know the skills, experience and general …

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How can you be spending this time wisely while you wait to move?

For so many people their life has been put on hold. If you were just about to travel to London, or were kickstarting your job search in the UK before covid19 struck, then for you especially, it can feel like a build up to then be told you have to wait even longer. It doesn’t …

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Your London bank account sorted

I’m sure you’ve heard that to open a UK high-street bank account you’ll need an address, but to get an address you need proof of funds, and to be rolling in any dough you need a job and then all of a sudden we’re back at needing a bank account again. So, how in the …

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Parks of London

There’s no denying that city life can take it’s toll. If you’re finding that city life is catching up with you and you’re looking for a quick (and local) escape, there’s nothing like spending an afternoon strolling through one of London’s most well-known parks! With lush green scenery, adorable pups in petting reach, and hint …

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Navigating London’s Underground

Did you know that there are 270 underground tube stations in London?! For this reason (and many others) it’s understandable that navigating your way throughout London can feel a little overwhelming. We’ve all gotten lost more times than we’re willing to admit, but that’s half of the fun! You’ve just touched down from Melbourne, Sydney, …

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Must knows for moving to London!

So you’ve decided to pack up shop and make the move to London?   Just like us other Aussies expats, we’ve learnt that there’s a long list of must-dos that are essential to making your life work on the other side of the world! Where do you begin? You’re set on hopping abroad and you’ve …

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Best Places For A Drink In London

Wetherspoons – Cheap and Lots of Choice One of the cheapest places is this classic pub. There are hundreds of these scattered around the UK, including 20 in Zone 1 in London. They offer very cheap drink and food: you can even find meals with a drink for less than £10!   Dirty Martini – …

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Monzo Banking

Want to set up a bank account, with zero exchange fees? Monzo is a fully authorised digital bank which is much simpler to set up and will save you a lot of money from not paying exchange fees, that you’d normally pay using your Aussie or Kiwi card. It is also very quick and easier …

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Feeling Homesick?

Don’t pay an arm and a leg for a flight back home! Be smart and use website like SkyScanner who do the hard work for you. SkyScanner works by showing you a monthly view of the prices of flights on certain days, where shifting your departure date can save you hundreds. Then once you have …

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Tips On Saving Money When Shopping

Want to save money but not live off beans and toast? HotUkDeals is a website where eagle-eyed shoppers list the best bargains for groceries, telephones, insurance and well… anything else you can buy. If you want to earn money as you spend, try cashback websites like TopCashback and Quidco. They redirect you to a retailer and …

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