Best Places For A Drink In London

Wetherspoons – Cheap and Lots of Choice

One of the cheapest places is this classic pub. There are hundreds of these scattered around the UK, including 20 in Zone 1 in London. They offer very cheap drink and food: you can even find meals with a drink for less than £10!


Dirty Martini – Cheap During Happy Hour

If you want to treat yourself with a professionally made martini then go to Dirty Martini. During happy hour most of their martinis are half price, so roughly £5. Its great for a birthday celebration, or when you feel like spoiling yourself.


Four Quarters – Arcade and Bar

This chain has several bars scattered around London. When you drink you can play retro video games and arcade games. Plus they have amazing pizza!


Howl at the Moon – Trendy and Plays Footballs

Trendy pub that plays football and specialises in selling lots of unusual beers.


ICEBAR London – More expensive but certainly unique

Chill out in their sub zero bar, with many ice sculptures and delicious drinks. Definitely more pricey, but worth going to for the experience. (Don’t worry about a coat as they provide!)


Ballie Ballerson – Has a ballpit

The only bar in London with its own ball pit. Allows you to experience being a kid again, albeit drunk.

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