Being an employer for the first time – help!

Being an employer for the first time, help!


Employing a nanny can be unchartered territory for families, especially when it brings with it becoming an employer for the first time. Even if you are in a position in your professional life where you manage people, managing someone who works in your household can be a completely different experience. Especially when their work revolves around caring for the most precious humans in your life and being embedded in your day-to-day routine. None of our candidates are self-employed so you will be their employer.

Do we need a contract? In short, yes. We initially help you out with getting a job offer put together to present to the nanny you are hoping to hire, and this has a lot of detail about the job and the role so that they can make a decision and know exactly what they are being offered. Once a candidate accepts your role it is best to get a contract sorted ASAP. This is important for both parties and commits you both. Our payroll provider, Payroll for Nannies, are able to help out with this and also have a great template we can supply you with if you are happy to complete your own.

How do we pay our nanny? We recommend using our partner payroll company, Payroll for Nannies. They offer a range of services from simply working out payments and how much tax you need to pay and leaving you to do the rest, all the way up to taking over the payroll, tax, national insurance, pension and contract for you. They are also able to register you with HMRC as an employer. They are a great company who are always on hand to answer questions, clear up anything you don’t understand in the contract and help when things change like if your nanny becomes pregnant or you have an HR related query. Some families pay their nanny through their business if they already have a payroll system in place.

What about insurance? As an employer, you will need to get Employers Liability Insurance. You must get this as soon as you become an employer.

What employment checks do we need to do? We complete all employment checks and screening and make sure that the candidate has the right to work in the UK. We will supply you with these documents for your records. This includes references, visas, passports, police checks and paediatric first aid.

What salary should we offer? If you are not sure on what salary to offer, we are able to advise on this. Of course, it all depends on the role you are needing to fill, how many hours, days, duties. As well as the skill level of the candidate and if you are wanting certain qualifications. We will always determine this at the very beginning of your search so there are no surprises when we get to the job offer stage and also let you know what candidates are looking for as we send you profiles.

Do I need to offer pension? In most cases, yes. You need to offer pension if the person you are hiring is over 22, earns more than £10,000 per year and works primarily in the UK. This will be most of the candidates that we work with. Again, Payroll for Nannies are able to guide you through this and help you enrol and notify your staff member.

As always, once your nanny starts with you, we are always here on hand to offer any support or advice. We love to hear from you and keep up to date on how things are going and will check in. We also have lots of resources once you have hired a nanny to help you both into the new role seamlessly.


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