Registering as Self-Employed with HMRC and getting a UTR number

Registering as “Self-Employed” with HMRC and getting a UTR number

There are many different ways of working in the UK. To ensure you pay the correct amount of tax, sometimes this will mean you register yourself as a ‘self-employed’ worker. You do this on Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC) website.

For more information about becoming Self Employed, please see this link:

If you do have to register yourself as self-employed, you will need to get a Unique Tax Payer Reference number (UTR).  The registration process will ask you for your personal information including your national insurance number. It doesn’t cost anything to get, but may take an hour or so to get it all sorted either over the phone or online. For more information about getting a UTR number, please see this link:





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