Becoming Self Employed & Construction Industry Scheme

So, you have found yourself in London and wish to become a contractor or run your own business, before you get started it is important you register for your unique tax-payers refence commonly known as a UTR. This reference is used for those wanting to become self-employed. The registration process will ask you for your personal information including your national insurance number, personal details and line of work.

You can easily register for your UTR number here: If your starting up as a sole trader choose the self-assessment and pay class 2 and 4 national insurance contributions. This will be an option when registering for your UTR number. London is quite the land of opportunity and has so much to offer, don’t forget to pay your tax!

Construction industry scheme

A construction industry scheme number CSCS is needed if you plan on working in the construction industry. You can fill out the forms online at