Are you a Social Worker?

We have a massive appreciation for Social Workers.

We know first hand the challenges you face, and the important job you do to keep people safe and happy.

This respect is reflected in the way we communicate with you, the jobs we offer you and how we look after you once you are in that job.

Once you become part of the Dingo Pack, we are loyal to you forever.

See also, information about our social work training packages.


Free Training and Support

A major difference between Dingo Recruitment and other agencies is that we provide expert Social Work training, delivered by experienced social workers.

If you are placed by us, this training is provide to your free and forever. Please see just some of the half-day workshops that are available in the Social Work Training section of this page. Should you also require specific training, guidance, advice or mentoring about any area not covered in our Social Work Training, we will be ready to support you there as well. 


Find out about our free training here

London Parties and Group Travel through Europe

Social Work in the UK, particularly London, can be tough. It is an exhilaratingly enriching experience, but it can get stressful. We know this because we have done the job. That's why we provide a unique after-hours service to all of our Social Workers to ensure they prioritise their social life, and build their social network. We go ten-pin bowling, Friday night drinks once a month, dress-up parties, dinners for you and your partners and / or families. Most excitingly, we have our group trips throughout Europe running all year long for you to join if and when ever you please. Whether this is taking in the sites of Rome, or relaxing on a beach in Majorca, we will design these fun holidays with other workers for you to have a network of colleagues to travel and unwind with.