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About The Dingo Team

Moving to London is an exciting prospect filled with endless opportunity for personal growth and adventure. But sometimes even the most qualified and experienced people can find it hard to find the right job contacts, and get settled in this ultra-competitive city based purely down to one thing – a lack of network. That’s where we come in…


  • fully flexible– permanent jobs tend to restrict which days you can work on. With Dingo you choose when you want to work and when you want your holidays
  • short process– sometimes companies require multiple interviews, forms and online quizzes. With Dingo you can easily call us up and could have work even the same week
  • weekly pay– no more waiting for the end of the month
  • personal support– getting house-shares, setting up banks, money advice, best pubs in London and more

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What Our Workers Say

Dan Malloy

Great opportunity, diverse experience and plenty of work. Dave goes the extra mile to keep you employed.

Katie Goodwin

When I first moved to London I didn’t really have a clue on what I wanted to do, I met Dave at a coffee shop through a friend and he got me working in admin quite quickly. Dave is one of those guys that makes you feel really comfortable and confident in your own ability.

Myles Sicuro

When I first came to London I didn’t have a job lined up, I met dave through someone at the Wild Cats footy club and he had me doing all sorts of interesting work until I found a job I enjoyed. Cheers mate

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